Greece is the Word Says Miltos Kambourides of Dolphin Capital Partners

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Travel may be returning to normal if there is such a thing. One advocate of holidaying starting again is Miltos Kambourides, who believes Greece is the place to be.

Picture yourself surrounded by blue sea and sky, lying under a parasol sipping on a long iced drink. You are in a luxury villa, in an exclusive complex that also has a hotel. The villa could be yours, or you could be renting it. Many are still to be built as new buyers work with the designers to create a unique villa on the plot of their choice.

Greece reopened their borders on June 15th hoping that Tourism will return boosting the economy. Miltos Kambourides, Chairman of Dolphin Capital Partner owners of Amanzoe Villas certainly hopes investors and tourists will flock back to the country. I spent some time with Miltos asking him about the development.

Luxurious Magazine: What does Greece offer investors?
Miltos Kambourides: Greece is a global brand and a timeless destination with 16,000 kilometres of coastline, thousands of beaches, and 6,000 islands. The country creates an Odyssey each time you visit with something new to discover.

Fantastic complexes are being created on artificial islands or places without cultural and natural advantages. Still, in Greece, there is so much history and heritage, and we work to highlight those elements to bring people to places they might not have ordinarily thought to visit.

Our aim is to combine some of the world’s best hotel brands and designers to make Greece the most upmarket, chic and elegant destination in the Med, so we can offer our investors and guests the best in hospitality for both the resort and our residences.

LM: Have you seen interest from overseas buyers?
MK: In the last two months we have seen an increasing number of serious inquiries from the UK market – it’s clear the lockdown has prompted buyers to look into options for a second or third home in a place that feels safe and secure. In our case, a large number of the inquiries are from prospective buyers who, before COVID-19, were considering a holiday home and have now had time to research properties and locations more thoroughly.

LM: What are people buying, and how much are they spending?
MK: As a company, we specialise in real estate catering to HNW and UHNW individuals. Our clients mainly want to purchase a home that provides hassle-free living which, more often than not, means they look for a branded real estate product.

Over the last 15 years, we have partnered with some of the most well-known hotel brands in the world to afford our clients the lifestyle they desire that they can lock-up and leave and know it will be looked after. We also offer owners the possibility to enter their home into the resorts’ rental pool which most, if not all, take advantage of.

LM: Are places with road and train connections, rather than relying on airports, more popular right now?
MK: As a result of the epidemic, people have understandably become cautious when it comes to travel. Where possible those who can prefer to use cars or private travel to ensure the safety and security of their family and friends. Recently, in the case of Amanzoe Villas, for example, a lot of the clients travel via private jets to Athens to avoid contact with others, and then private helicopter to the resort, instead of using scheduled flights.

We’re fortunate that at Amanzoe we have a resort helicopter that is available to chauffeur guests to and from Athens airport. Unlike island properties, and for those who prefer to drive instead of fly, the resort is accessible by car in 2 1/2 hrs from Athens airport.

LM: Will Brexit have any impact on British investment in Greece?
MK: The Withdrawal Agreement, secured rights of British people already living in Greece. It applies to those who settled here before the end of the transition period, freedom of movement is continuing during this time. We may perhaps see an increase in the numbers of Britains moving to Greece this year because of this time limit.

Anyone who was on the fence about moving overseas now has more of a nudge to do it this year. Those moving within this time frame will have their rights protected for as long as they remain a resident in Greece. They can also benefit from new non-dom tax legislation.

LM: What are your company’s sustainability and green credentials
MK: In addition to several waste-reduction initiatives, all Amanzoe Villas have green roofs, as will the Private Homes at One&Only Kea to ensure they blend in with the landscape.

We’re also pleased to report that at Amanzoe all small plastic bottles were replaced by glass bottles as of the 2019 season, and all take away dishes are now recyclable.

LM: Can you explain the Greek Golden Visa programme?
MK: In Greece, we offer “Golden Visa’s” when one acquires a real estate asset at a minimum value of €250,000. This is something we offer to those purchasing an Amanzoe or One & Only Kea Island Villa, should they wish to take advantage of it.

I enjoyed my talk with Miltos and thanked him for his time.

Source: "Luxurious Magazine"