Robb Reader: Miltos Kambourides

Published on: "Robb Report"

The Founder and Managing Partner at Dolphin Capital Partners administers the nuptials on passion and luxury

Operating at the helm of a company that has developed and financed well-known luxury resorts including Amanzoe Villas and Nikki Beach in Greece, and Amanera in the Dominican Republic, Kambourides knows a thing or two about the ultra-luxe hospitality scene: and his enthusiasm for the subject knows no bounds.

With a property such as Amanzoe, what characteristics are you looking for before deciding to embark on a project?
We always look for pieces of land that will differentiate the experience for our guests and villa owners: unspoilt nature, breath-taking views, privacy, secluded beaches, sunset orientation, just to name a few. I always ask myself first, would I want to have a holiday or a house here? The answer defines the decision.

What are the specific challenges involved in designing luxury properties for ultra-high-net-worth-individuals?
UHNWIs are accustomed to the best the world has to offer and at our developments we have to match or surpass that expectation. The challenge of designing high-end products for UHNWIs is offering clients luxury without going overboard on costs: it’s the ability to customise a property to suit the needs of the owners, whilst also providing an impeccable and seamless service. At Amanzoe, clients can purchase a lot of land and we work with them to create their own bespoke villa that is suited to their lifestyle and everyday needs.

Are tastes in luxury property changing, as new, younger consumers come of age?
In recent years, we’ve seen a significant shift towards luxury branded serviced properties, both in urban as well as resort developments. Buyers, especially younger consumers, opt for masterfully designed, functional properties that offer hassle-free living by being fully serviced and managed by well-known brands, such as Aman, One & Only and so on. They make a lifestyle choice that is underpinned by peace of mind. This is exactly what we offer at Amanzoe in Porto Heli, Greece and the upcoming One&Only Kea Island in the Cyclades.

Moreover, the world has become smaller – we travel more, we move faster and we experience things that a few years ago we wouldn’t even think possible. The more experiences we acquire, the more demanding we become. New experiences are an integral part of all luxury properties today, and it is something all consumers are looking for.

How does your mathematics background inform the way in which you conduct business?
I’m very mathematical and analytical by nature, but I try to use both hemispheres of my brain. Pure logic and mathematics don’t always lead to the best decisions: instinct, ambition and determination are equally important factors that, when coupled with logic and mathematics, are bound to have stronger results.

In what places/situations do you get your best creative ideas?
When I travel and when I explore. The times that I spend discovering new places is the time that gives me space to be inspired and forge new ideas. Creativity isn’t something that you can compress between meetings and calls.

What’s the best business advice you’ve ever received?
When I was considering quitting my job and founding Dolphin Capital, someone I looked up to told me: “If you love what you do and you are your own boss, you never work a day in your life.” To this day, this has proven to be right.

Is there any figure – dead or alive – who has inspired and influenced you more than any other?
I’m influenced by the way successful entrepreneurs are creating unicorns in a matter of a few years. When I was growing up, my inspiration – like most ambitious kids of my time – was Aristotle Onassis.

What’s your personal definition of luxury?
In property terms, a large space, with unrestricted amazing view. In lifestyle terms, a good sleep with a peaceful mindset that leads to a productive day.

Source: "Robb Report"