The Amanzoe: luxury in the land of Hercules

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Aman has a reputation for building hotels in the most exclusive locations in the world. But could a property perched atop the plains where Hercules completed his trials, and where Jason set sail on his quest for the Golden Fleece be their most exciting one yet? We think so…
The Amanzoe in the Birthplace of Legends

When Aman owner Adrian Zecha and young real estate entrepreneur Miltos Kambourides decided to open the Aman’s first Greek property, they knew they had to get one thing right: the location.

An Aman isn’t an Aman unless it’s in an isolated corner of the world which makes you want to escape civilization forever. The Amanzoe, is no different.

Though the hotel’s first stone was set in 2010, its foundations run a thousand years deep within the Mediterranean beauty, and rich history of the Peloponnese region.

Amanzoe – Exteriors

Jason and the Golden Fleece, the 12 trials of Hercules and the Trojan Wars are just some of the Greek legends which originate from the Peloponnese. For Zecha and Kambourides, the region’s natural beauty and rich history made it the obvious choice when it came to finding a site for their hotel.

As with most Amans, there’s a bit of travelling to do before you actually get there.  But don’t worry, every minute of the trip is worth it.

As you drive through the countryside, across long stretches of coastal road, fields of cypress and lavender and sleepy traditional villages, it’s easy to see why this region served as a muse for the poets of ancient Greece. And even if you have no plan to pen an epic during your stay, it’s impossible to come here and not feel inspired.
Style and atmosphere

Is it possible for a building to be zen? Designed by award-winning architect Ed Tuttle as a modern day acropolis, the Amanzoe exudes a sense of spirituality from the simplicity and elegance of the design. “Declutter the space and declutter the mind” seems to be the M.O. of the Aman hotels, and none do it better than the Amanzoe.

Amanzoe – Pool

The Amanzoe’s Pool Area is the very definition of tranquility.

The Amanzoe – Dining experiences

And the Colloseum might just be the most scenic spot for a romantic dinner in Greece.

The Amanzoe exteriors facade

Then , of course, with only 49 pavilions and villas, it’s easy to stay at the Amanzoe and fool yourself into thinking it’s all about you.

Though the hotel attracts some of the biggest names in politics and show business, this is not the place to see and be seen, and it’s entirely possible to not run into another guest for the duration of your stay.
The Rooms

With a selection of pavilions, villas and beach cabanas to choose, there’s an enclave of peace somewhere in the Amanzoe for you to escape to.

Amanzoe – Pool Pavillion Bathroom

Clearly, when it comes to luxury, the Amanzoe is in a league of its own..

Incredible views of the Aegean sea, a 6-meter long pool and 2260 square feet of space make the Amanzoe’s Pavilion one of the best hotel rooms you will find in Greece. The hotel’s Deluxe Pool Pavilion also offers an impressive 12-meter pool to relax in, and enjoy sweeping views of the valley and Aegean.

Amanzoe – Pool Pavilion View – Terrace

Would you look at these incredible views of the Peloponnese landscape from the terrace of Amanzoe’s Pavilions… Even the gods couldn’t ask for more.

Amanzoe – Pavilion

Inside, things only get better with the contemporary rooms designs that are among the best in Aman’s portfolio.

The Amanzoe Beach cabanas

Found opposite the sparkling waters of the Aegean Sea, the Amanzoe’s Beach Cabanas offer all the creature comforts of their Pavilions, but with the added perk of a private garden and a 9.5-meter swimming pool.
The Villas

The Amanzoe – 5 bedroom Villa

With the Amanzoe’s 5-Bedroom Terrace Villa, guests enjoy a different kind of luxury with a 20-meter heated pool, five en suite bedrooms and two dedicated staff members to dote on you. Along with success, hedge funds and fast cars, one of the main motivators for being rich ought to be a stay in one of these accommodations.

The Amanzoe 1 Bedroom Villa

We also loved the Amanzoe’s 1 Bedroom Villa, featuring an immersive art installation by James Turrell and a 22-meter heated pool.

The Amanzoe is, without a doubt, one of the best luxury hotels in Greece. Whether you’re looking for a peaceful couple’s retreat, or a quiet place to reconnect with family and friends, this luxury enclave in the Peloponnese is more than able to provide.

Booking this hotel through us also grants you some incredible benefits reserved to our club members. Think room upgrades, early check-ins and late check-outs and a complimentary a la carte lunch for two.

Source: "Blog Lartisien"